Friday, August 11, 2006

Rubber man

the police squad hires someone that insults just bounce off of.

Friday, July 28, 2006

ATTENTION: Hey All You Cats and Dogs!!!

ATTENTION: Hey All You Cats and Dogs!!!
You can request a piece of me at the sketch-it blog, just go to ,You can request anything and I'll draw it in a few minutes, the catch is it costs $1 U.S.D. , the good folks at sketch-it put ths website together to give to charity, and to help artists and non-artists come together and celebrate what else, art!!!!
You can get more solid drawing commisions from me for a larger price, I'll spend more time on the drawing for you and you-ll get better quality art, just talk to the sketch-it administrator on the sketch-it blog site, his name is AWED JOB.

Thanks Again to everyone that's pledged to the site!!!!!


Shake What your momma gived ya!!!

This guy is awesome, at a minimall in downtown toronto where I used to work, there was this dance studio, and this guy would come out the door every lunch hour and dance, waltz by himself for a good hour while he smoked cigarettes, he always had his eyes closed and he seemed so focused on the right moves.

Sketch-it posts

Just a few quick sketches for clients on the sketch-it blog. Ask for me by name Ryan Power at the sketch- it blog and I'll draw you a picture for a $1.

Back again

This is just a quick one minute contour sketch (with inner detail)

lots of faces

these ghouls are fun to play around with, hjust by changing angles in the bone structure, you can get alot of variety

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Client request for Sketch-it

I did this one for a customer on the sketch-it blog. His last name is Wolf, so I thought it would be fitting to incorporate some word play in the drawing of his photo he had provided me.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


man this movie is funny and sad, though it inspired me to draw a drag queen????


This Guy seems to think it's all good!!!

Water Ghoul, Imp and Banshee

Look out for these three, they're hiding in the water somewhere

Frankie and his Bride

I always loved the Frankenstein Monster story and all its metaphors

Naked Runner

Oh those long summer days. Too hot for most people, this guy found it hot anyway!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Val Kilmer Goblin, and Gimp

This is the first of a slew of new posts. i had this idea as I was drawing it and thought it would be funny if Val was afflicted with goblinism.